The following list represents personal resolutions i want to keep and be reminded of. The idea, of course, comes from Jonathan Edward’s famous resolutions.

I am not Jonathan Edwards.

Neither do i think that these will be in any way general to most people. They are in the context of my life. Maybe they will help you here or there, but the main reason for posting them on here is so that i always have a place to go to when i wonder what these are. A subordinate reason is so that the people that know me can hold me accountable to them.

The order is of no importance. I list them they come.

#1 resolved: to work on the ability to be concise and deep, yet clear enough for a 7 year old to understand the most abstract biblical concepts

#2 resolved: to be faithful to God in little things, so i may be found to be a Timothy

#3 resolved: to use my life, mind and time, given to me, to make the most of God, in my own and other people’s life

#4 resolved: to preach the Gospel to my otherwise fickle heart, every day

#5 resolved: to not let the urgent crowd out the vital, my relationship with my heavenly Father

#6 resolved: to not waste my time

#7 resolved: to pursue real and meaningful relationships with non-virtual people

#8 resolved: to live a real and un-masked life before God and men

#9 resolved: to learn to love like Christ loved the church, in marriage and family, through servitude and humilty

#10 resolved: to live in the guidance and power of the Spirit and not by laws or resolutions

… more to come.

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